The one-man act known as Jealousy (debut LP Viles out on the Chicago imprint Moniker Records last year) has tapped into an endearing albeit strange sound. His haunting vocals are backed by upbeat Krautrock guitar progressions with echoes a-plenty; these sounds allow for one’s mind to wander. Maybe this is the type of music border patrol listens to when driving through the desert at midnight after ingesting substantial portions of peyote. The sounds that pop off of Jealousy’s recordings causes the imagination to jump between comforting and terrifying images, much like switching back and forth between an episode of Mister Rogers and a Japanese tentacle-bondage porno. All this to say that Jealousy is much more enjoyable than watching either Mister Rogers or a strange porn flick.
Jealousy co-headlines our party next Saturday with Noveller at 2948 Sixteenth Street THE LAB /// \\

Words by Zach Gottesman