Profligate: An Interview




Words by Sky Madden

Photos and Media by Sadie Mellerio

Profligate is: Noah Anthony


PROFLIGATE [NOAH ANTHONY]: I’m uhhh, a pretty low talker.

DECADES: Wow, so yeah, I can’t believe you’re here and it’s the last Warm Leatherette. I’m here with Noah Anthony and some stray cats in the back of Sub Mission on 18th and Mission shit hole.

It’s so nice. 

Uhhhhhhmmmm. Oh jeeze. I feel like get more nervous than the people I’m interviewing do. 

PROFLIGATE: I hate cats.

DECADES: (Laugh)

PROFLIGATE: I love cats. But like….. I saw this thing recently and decided. I’m so sick of cats. 


PROFLIGATE: I’m never getting another one.

DECADES: It’s a personal thing.

PROFLIGATE: Well I have a cat and she has so many problems. Like, I have to give her two pills a day. It’s just like, it’s such an ordeal.

DECADES: Man, they like you. These cats here like Noah.

Cats swirl around Noah’s waist and tip toe in between the La Taqueria El Buen Sabor chips and chicken burrito splayed out on the table along with the recording equipment as if to distract, to divert our attention from the conversation.

DECADES: Hmm there appears to be like, something very real going on here.


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Eva-Marie Hube In Conversation With Masha Pershay and Kevin Litrow

Masha Pershay Talks About The Current Scene In SF and Kevin Litrow Goes Into His New Project N.O.W. // Litrow To Be Featured In Next Week’s Mashi Mashi + Decades Magazine Showcase At The Knockout
Text By Eva-Marie Hube // Art Courtesy Masha Pershay and Kevin Litrow // Edited by Sky Madden
Masha Pershay of Mashi Mashi Presents behind the decks in San Francisco.

Having a collaborative music event happen with Masha Pershay of Mashi Mashi in combination with Decades Magazine is like pairing Sriracha with ANYTHING. Decades could be anything depending on our mood and what we choose as our flavor for the month to showcase and Masha adds the complexity and spiked taste. You can put the rooster sauce on literally anything and it will make it so much better. We feel that way about what Masha does here in San Francisco. When we discussed the upcoming show on August 29th, Masha conveyed to me her enthusiasm for the dynamic, dance-centric showcase that takes place at the Knockout, usually a venue reserved for live punk, rock, psychedelic etc. shows, you know, what ones usually expects of the SF music scene. 

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7 Hard Questions For Nina Chase of Some Ember


Nina Chase in conversation with Sky Madden for Decades Magazine Summer 2013

When I decided that I wanted to interview Nina, I thought about the way that I had first encountered her and how I stumbled upon Some Ember. It was at this time last year that Moonbell and Chasms wanted to play a show together and it was finally happening. I got Cool Angles on the bill too and then last minute Nick moved to New York and I was back on the search for another band to play with us. I had an email correspondence going on with Jason Hendardy (Permanent Collection / LogLady Records) who immediately suggested a band I had never heard of at the time. It was Some Ember. I looked them up and sure enough they were playing in Oakland that night. I had a bone to pick with Nick from Cool Angels who was in the East Bay but leaving for New York soon. In hopes of getting him to come out to this Black Jeans, Some Ember, Tollund Men, Transformations show at Lobot, I hoped that the least he would do was give me a demo tape of “Slow Chase Scenes” before he was off to the east coast and I wanted to see this Some Ember band so I went. 

This is still the best Lobot show I have ever been to and Some Ember blew me away that night. I walked in and four strange characters from a different anachronistic times and places took up the entire span of the back wall, opposite the entrance, with big bright, undulating projections pouring down on them in slow motion. Pinks and greens were shooting everywhere and the Lobot sounded damn good. At the time I didn’t know it, but the song they were playing was “Era of Wind.” They were totally emotional and unlike anything I had seen in the Bay up until that point. I walked up to Mick Goldwater, who was doing sound for Some Ember that night, sitting at the mixing board with a pencil. “They have no idea how good they are,” he phonated with Dad breath through an impassioned whisper. 

Below is a phone correspondence I had last night with Nina Chase who plays synthesizers and sings in Some Ember with Dylan Travis. They play the Decades Magazine issue 2 release party tonight and we are so exited to have them. †

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Text by Eva-Marie Sophie Hube

I never went to my prom. In between barely graduating and my penchant for teenage angstish suicidal tendencies, I wouldn’t have found the time. Unless it had been a goth themed prom. That would have been appropriate and more my taste. So when the four components of the DECADES square came together to brainstorm a concept for the christening of the publication’s second issue (over our own version of the Algonquin roundtable,also known as a Gmail chain), a proposal we all got behind was a collaboration with Galaxy Radio (a nightlife collective determined to making this night the best of our adulthood experience born of friends and the Haçeteria crew) to throw a full fledged Batcave style goth prom party. Would this be it? A second chance to go partake in the apex of high school torture pageantry at a juncture in my life when the urge to swallow a bottle of Vicodin has subsided to sporadic, yet manageable episodes and my post teenage angst, now alleviated more appropriately? I’m keeping it dark. 

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The Lab, SF’s Last Bastion Kicks Off Division of Labor Festival, Thursday June 13th


The Division of Labor Festival kicks off this Thursday evening at The Lab 2948 16th Street @ CAPP in San Francisco. Pictured above is “Gravity Always Wins” by artist Claire Jackel from her solo exhibit of the same name installed into the ceiling at The Lab in 2010.

Text by Eva Marie Hube for Decades Magazine

As we watch the Mission metamorphosize into a theme park for the tech savvy who spend their weekends brunching, bowling, and soon-to-be miniature golfing in the neighborhood, it’s hard to sift through and identify alternative spaces that are genuinely interested in more than extending the college rec center aesthetic.

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Interview with Sola & Zero, Directors of i am also


i am also is the documentary from Sola Blanc (DECADES contributor) and Zero, about the lonely, but lovable security guard who works at Thrift Town. In the movie we learn that the security guard has dreams of eventually being a police officer, spends his off-duty hours at goth clubs, and enjoys stir fry from Target. Sola and Zero had been filming him since last Summer, but the subject cut off ties in January due to feeling uncomfortable with how he may be represented in the movie.  I recently sat at a kitchen counter with Sola and Zero to discuss the film, while eating cherries and cheese.

So you’ve come to this interview with your own questions.

Sola Blanc: These are questions for us, so we can talk about them. Who’s the perfect audience for this movie? What celebrity do you think could play our subject if it was adapted into fiction? That’s a hard one to answer. I’ve been trying to think of that. 

Steve Buscemi. 

SB: That’s what I said! I have it in my notes. I’ll show you.

From what I’ve seen. I don’t have as much insight on him as you guys. But that is crazy that we both thought that. Beautiful.

SB: So yes, Steve Buscemi. And what else…what celebrity do you want to see this movie? We were talking about that.

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i am also


If you shop at Thrift Town you have most likely seen the subject of the documentary i am also. The documentary, by Sola Blanc and Zero, is “the story of a lovable but lonely security guard and his quest for meaning.” (watch the trailer here). 

i am also screens tonight at Mission Comics [3520 20th Street] at 7:49 p.m.


An interview with Sola [left] and Zero [right] will be on this blog shortly. Stay tuned. 


Brief Encounters with Coachella

Coachella, the desert music festival itself, is a disgusting death trap. A dust filled snowglobe with ten different wind up music cranks going at once.

I knew this going into it. My previous experience with Coachella was in 2006, and as a high school senior I was enchanted by my first music festival experience. Depeche Mode, Madonna, Animal Collective, Dungen - it was an amazing year.

But now I am an old woman who couldn’t care less about the meh lineup and potential Tupac Shakur holograms. But the tickets were free, so I decided to put my aging 25-year-old body to the agony of heat, sound, and drunk/high people.

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I wanted to blow the lid off this band before anyone else in the blogosphere had had the opportunity to own that claim. A few have, but I don’t care about sending that lid farther across a the veritable football field of the interwebs.

I first heard about Savages about six months ago when a friend played with them in NY at their first show in the US. He immediately texted me explaining that I would be all over this. He has me pegged for a post punk junkie and sure enough, after YouTubing “Flying to Berlin,” off of their first double A side “Flying to Berlin”/“Husbands” released on Pop Noire, I was a believer. 

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Prepare for Coachella Weekend Two


Coachella, weekend two, is approaching. For those embarking on the journey, Kat Nadler offers a helpful and ever practical pre-coachella prep list to help you make the most of your weekend. 

1.Browse dumpsters for the perfect headpiece.

2. Save trash bags so you don’t have to use the porta-potties.

3. Bring all 2012 issues of J-14 magazine for autograph-ops.

4. Research the difference between Scott Peterson and Drew Peterson thanks to Lifetime Original movies. Unrelated to Coachella, but still occurred during my preparation.

5. Purchase extra callus scrubbers for late-night foot cleansing.

6. Spend hours on Instagram reviewing the images taken at last weekend’s Coachella. Then realize that everyone used some sort of “hippie” filter. Or is this haze because you’re wearing sunglasses while looking at Instagram?

7. Google “Fozzie Bear Propeller Hat” to see if you, too, could pull off the look

8. Practicar tu español en caso de que los mexicanos hacerse cargo mientras estoy en Coachella.

9 .בדיוק כמו שעבר, אבל הפעם בגרסת עברית

10. Contemplate hiring pet monkey and/or goat and/or capybara (world’s largest rodent) to fan you during the weekend

11. Invest in Dasani (Coca Cola) stock to ensure water brand of choice will be present. Not for drinking, but for dousing fellow music listeners. You see, other brands leave a sticky feel where as I’ve found Dasani has a nice smooth, dried water feel.

12. Research each and every band that will perform to find out their favorite animal/snack/book/movie and create gift accordingly to throw on stage.

Iggy Pop Doesn’t Wear A Lot of Makeup


Iggy Pop doesn’t wear a lot of makeup.  He has a very working class, almost animal face.  In the right temperament his eyes become crystal balls, so huge that you want to rub your hands on them.  Usually they’re contained in some mascara and eyeliner aura. 

I don’t look anything like Iggy Pop.  I have some mid-western farm stock features that have been pissed upon by Irish elves.  When I become Iggy Pop, I wear a lot of make up.  When you put on make up and take the step onto a makeshift stage, you invariably say to the audience, I am not here to fake an ounce of funk.  Unless your Billy Joel Armstrong, or something like that.


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Poppin’ Bandz

Eagerly, my friends and I approached the large silver doors of a small blue, two story building nestled among the towering concrete giants of San Francisco’s SoMa district. With Juicy J’s* lyrics fresh in my head and a fist full of crisp dollar bills, we were on a quest to experience the free (repeat, free) buffet of a well known local adult establishment. We knew upon entry that our Friday afternoon would instantly turn into what would feel like a full nighttime extravaganza of cocktails, vanilla perfume, strobe lights, and carnal entertainment. I am referring to the Gold Club, or “The Sizzler” as my friends in the nine-to-five world call it in an effort to conceal their true destination when organizing day time field trips through work emails.


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I dread my birthday every year. It placates to my insecurity and applies a pressure that makes me abort any attempt to plan a celebration. This year, however, I decided to go to Disneyland with some other people and make a couple of days of it in Southern California. Because when you turn 27, you deserve a day at the happiest place on earth, damn it.  As it turns out, it was a harrowing day of avoiding small children who apparently like to hang on everything in site, and trying to mediate through an overwhelming crowd, stoned while wearing mouse ears, and getting even more high off of the smell of funnel cake permeating every inch of the magic kingdom. 

After that I needed a day of decompression and maybe some  “high brow” cultural enrichment. So my best lady and I decided to drive to west LA to check out the Stanley Kubrick retrospective at the LACMA. When first entering the exhibit, we were immediately bombarded with clips of 2001: A Space OdysseyDr. Strangelove, and Lolita on two larger than prepared for projectors in a blacked out room.

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